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Meet Lynda

Lynda has been singing ever since she can remember. From solos in church and parts in school musicals, to playing and singing in pop, country, oldies and rock bands, from singing in and directing church choirs to singing in and directing Sweet Adeline choruses (and of course, quartet singing), Lynda has been a chronic musician. She has won four of the six Melodeers Chorus gold medals. She is the lead of the 2008 Sweet Adeline International Champion Quartet, Four Bettys.

She is a Certified Music Judge and an International Faculty member; she is the Master Director of Crosstown Harmony Chorus in West Allis, Wisconsin (Region #3). She also sings in City Nights, a mixed quartet based in the St. Louis area and with The Caroling Party, a caroling group active in the Chicagoland area in the Holiday Season.

She lives with her cat, Freddie in a cozy apartment in Elmhurst. Her mission: To help singers find joy in their music and grow to reach their goals.

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