Lynda 2017 headshot - thumbLynda, the proud director of Pride of Baltimore Chorus, is a Sweet Adeline through and through. She’s the lead of the 2008 International Quartet Champion Four Bettys, she has five of the Melodeers International Chorus Champion gold medals, she is a member of the SAI International Faculty and she is a certified Music Judge. She’s on the Regional Faculty in Region #19. She gives vocal instruction and coaches choruses and quartets all over the Sweet Adeline world. She also makes learning media.

Lynda has been performing in public since she was three. Since that first singing performance in church, she has learned to play piano with some facility, and dabbles in folk harp, guitar, and flute. She’s just discovered a passion for ukulele, and several new instruments have joined her household as a result.

Over the years Lynda has been a church musician, has played in bands (top 40, country, oldies, be-bop), and has done musical theatre. Barbershop is her passion, though. No other musical art form that she’s experienced requires the precision necessary for barbershop’s lock and ring.

In her work life, she’s been a secretary, proofreader, dressmaker, jewelry store clerk, and a lawyer, among other things. Nothing is as satisfying to her as helping others find “aha” moments in their music.

When she’s not making some kind of music, you’ll find Lynda most often with a book in her hand (Stephen King is a favorite, and she loves mysteries and fantasy), knitting, sewing, biking or kayaking—as often as she can. She likes to tent camp, too. But her favorite vacation of all is Disney World in Florida. She and a couple of girlfriends try to make that pilgrimage a couple times a year – all play, no work and no worry!

Lynda has two daughters who are also barbershoppers. One of them has given Lynda two of the cutest grandsons in the world, and the other has provided two grand-cats—also cute. Lynda lives with her musical instruments and her elderly 3-legged cat, Princess Freddie, in the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania.