Traveling, coaching, teaching, singing, performing and making friends. That’s Lynda’s definition of a perfect life, and that’s what she’s having right now. She’s turned her years of early musicianship (including church choirs, community musicals, playing in bands and performing), together with her barbershop, into an interesting, exciting livelihood. Formerly a lawyer, Lynda managed to cut the ties to corporate America and now does music for a living.

You may recognize her as the lead for the 2008 Sweet Adeline International Champion Quartet, Four Bettys. She’s also a member of Melodeers (having won 5 of the 7 gold medals with the chorus). She’s a Certified Music Judge, a member of the International Faculty, and a Master Director. In addition to her Sweet Adeline singing, she also performs with The Caroling Party , a group active in the Chicagoland area in the Holiday season.

She lives with her cat, Freddie, in the “Apartment of Endless Possibility” in Elmhurst, IL. Her mission: To help singers find joy in their music and grow to reach their goals – while traveling, seeing the world and making new friends, of course.