Lynda has been our coach, mentor and friend and a vital part of our development since 2009. She always gives willingly of her vast knowledge and experience. In short we love her and her unique ability to draw the very best out of us on every occasion.

Region 31

Region 31

As a quartet, Mac4 has worked with Lynda for several years. We have had coaching from her in person when she has been in the UK, but mostly on Skype. We continue to use her because her coaching is first class and her attention to detail, even on Skype is amazing. She is so efficient, organised and very professional while still managing to make each session great fun! Her input is invaluable to us and we really respect all her advice. We cannot recommend her enough!

Region 31
Harmony on the Sound

You will love Lynda's energy. She gives clear direction in her coaching while cheering you on all the way!

Karen Sweeters
Master Director, Harmony On the Sound

Instructor is defined as a person that teaches a subject or a skill. Lynda Keever has been my instructor of voice for a few years but she is so much more than just a teacher of a skill. The voice is a personal journey for Lynda and she wants all of her students to experience the same joy and accomplishment that she has with singing. Whatever your journey, Lynda will go down the path with you to find the success you are looking for. She not only teaches the skills needed to attain proper vocal skills, she helps you experience the joy of singing.

Lynda spends time with me during lessons working more than just my vocal skills, she works with me on the performance and the complete package of joyful singing. Lynda takes where I am at that moment during a lesson and enhances the success that I am experiencing. Every lesson is a new adventure in learning. Every lesson is directed toward what i need and not just what the agenda says to do during voice lessons.

Working with Lynda has turned my performance free. I found the joy in singing and in performing that I had lost. I have worked out problems that I have had for years with my voice and have worked through them. Lynda hears the tiniest of issues and knows how to fix them. Lynda is one of the most talented, caring, and knowledgeable voice instructors I have ever worked with. She is a coach, an instructor, an ear when you need one, an encouraging voice, a cheer leader, and a friend. Lynda is truly a one-of-a-kind person that I owe my returned joy of singing and performing to. Working with Lynda is the best decision I have ever made in regards to my voice.

Kristin Farwig
Director, River Bend Chorus
Elaine Hamilton

I've now known Lynda over a number of years, since she first came to the UK as Faculty for an education event. People immediately took to her, enjoyed her style and her depth of knowledge and I'm delighted that she can now say she coaches many choruses and quartets within the UK. Lynda's combination of talent, knowledge, common sense and vocal skills make her a fabulous coach and educator. I have used Lynda's extensive skills at a number of events in the UK since that first time and have only had positive feedback from people about her. I would not hesitate in recommending Lynda. Indeed, she's one of the first people I think of if I'm asked for a recommendation.

Elaine Hamilton
Education Coordinator, Region 31

If you want to be coached by someone who is professional, talented and honest then book Lynda Keever. She hears EVERYTHING that needs to be fixed and then can help you fix it with demonstration and education. Doing something really well? She's quick to point that out and explain why it's good. The chorus, music team and all our quartets find our time spent with Lynda to be productive, efficient, no nonsense!! Lynda has become our coach, teacher and friend!

Gail Jencik
Master Director
Coastline Show Chorus
International Faculty, SAI

Gail Jencik
Master Director, Coastline Show Chorus
Wake the Neighbors

Wake the Neighbors has been coaching with Lynda for the last 2 and a half years. Under her guidance and tutelage, our sound has simply flourished!!! Whether it's a coaching session for all of us or a one on one PVI, we always walk away with small, attainable goals that make a huge difference in our sound. We've used her learning tracks many times and they are second to none! Not ONLY does she always sing the correct notes and words, but her learning tracks always provide the perfect barbershop sound to emulate!!! She's the best kept secret in Sweet Adelines!!!

Stephanie Goddard
Wake the Neighbors
Missy Wurthman 2

I have had the great opportunity to work with Lynda at the Regional, Chorus and Quartet level. She is terrific whether teaching a class to 100 or working one on one in a PVI. Lynda is able to reach each singer on a very personal level. She provides not only valuable education, but delivers it from her own experience as a singer, director and judge. Our chorus has chosen her as our coach year after year and with each visit she brings a fresh message and tools to propel our journey onward and upward!

Missy Wurthman
Music Team Leader, Southern Harmony Chorus
Lindsey Dryer

Lynda Keever was the catalyst for our members to go from a director driven chorus to member driven chorus. This move to personal responsibility was reflected in our success at competition this year. Her coaching is inspiring and effective. Lynda is very direct and tells it as it is which is what ACW thrives on. She communicates well with the directors and members and is respected by all. We are looking forward to our continuing journey with Lynda over the years to come.

Lindsey Dyer
Master Director, A Cappella West

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Lynda for many years. Whether coaching one of my choruses, quartets, or just me, she has helped me grow as a singer and performer. Lynda’s musical and performance knowledge is very broad and she loves sharing it by helping others to reach their full potential. She is fun, very approachable and down-to-earth and treats everyone she coaches with kindness and encouragement. She is a true gem to the barbershop community!

Sherry Berkley
Associate Director, Grand Rapids Chorus

Lynda Keever has been integral in helping our quartet develop and become successful over the past few years in which we have worked with her. Her style is direct and clear which is extremely refreshing and easy to understand. Her musical knowledge combined with the intuitive way she can interpret a song really make her an all around coach. She truly wants to see all those that she works with successful and not only coaches them on specific techniques of a song but also gives them tools so they can coach themselves when she is not with them. We would not be the quartet we are today without her continued support and guidance.

Epix Quartet

If you feel a passion for what you do; if you wish to make the best use of your skills and of your god-given talent; if you wish to continue to learn and to grow to best utilize those skills; if you wish to be mentored with straight talk, with patience and with caring guidance; if you wish for someone to help you to discover how to best implement a plan that will help you to reach your goals; if you wish to do this in the spirit of love and laughter;  if you wish to find a person who personifies all of these qualities - your wish has been granted!  Her name is Lynda Keever.

Teresa Fuller
Janis Romancik

The wonderful thing about coaching with Lynda in a quartet is that she's "been there" and "done that"! As a Queen of Harmony, she has learned so much in her own personal journey, and she loves sharing all she has learned with anyone who's interested in taking it to the next level!

Janis Romancik
Bass, Chi-Town Sound
Flamingos Final

We're a comedy quartet that strives to sing well.  Lynda understood our humor right away and she modified her coaching style to help us sing well and be funny!

Sue Neuls

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lynda both as a coach and on the RMT. I would highly recommend Lynda! I’ve listed some characteristics below where she simply excels!

General character
Relationships with others/peers/subordinates
Team player
Personal integrity and honesty
Calmness under pressure

Lynda brings her many years of knowledge and accomplishments to the role of coach in addition to her professionalism and dedication to achieving goals. She speaks/teaches in a manner that is understandable to all levels and exhibits an encouraging style. I’m happy to speak with anyone considering Lynda as a coach on a personal basis, if that is your preference.

Ann Jarchow
Master Director, Grand Rapids Sweet Adelines EdC #3

For years, I'd been curious about my voice & the potential to become a good singer. At one point, I knew my voice was a little raucous. I admit it!

Not exactly the best quality to own since, I was trying to sing like the "big" girls.

Still, my soul kept poking telling me to keep working with the "gift" I'd been given.

Over the years, my drive & passion for singing blindsided me. Mainly, I trusted the only voice I knew. My own.

Right or wrong, I figured out how to control things by using all sorts of bad habits. Desperate to get a handle on the barbershop style of singing, I kept looking for the answers. Mostly, I learned by trial and error. My "good singing friends","the geeks" call it "paying your dues".

For the first time, I'd realized, I'd put myself through the school of hard knocks. Always believing in myself, it was time I took ownership of my voice and found a way to grab hold of it!

In the summer of 2009, Lynda Keever, my mentor, coach and friend helped create a plan that would help change my singing career forever.

The plan included an aggressive fun, educational, challenging, well rounded approach to getting me on track as a singer.

The main focus, match the vocal skills to the level of passion. Another part of the plan included aligning myself to attract quality singers for the purpose of forming a great quartet. After a year of private vocal instructions, I've accomplished more than I ever imagined.

There's no doubt, the one on one PVI's helped me to build more confidence as a singer. Since getting to know & understand my vocal instrument my fears are gone. I've put to rest a lot of bad habits. Though, it's not uncommon for them to sneak back when,I'm thinking too much.

Lynda's teaching techniques are no doubt geared toward the student. Since, I've a quirky way of learning, it helps having Lynda relate to my special needs.

I love the PVI's where,a lesson is learned without ever singing a note. Yes. It's true! I actually had a session by telephone when, I couldn't make it in person!

As a singer, I've learned so much about myself. I'm intrigued by the whole process of taking my voice to the next level.

Over the past year, things were turned-up a notch! The demands & expectations were set high!

As a student, I was challenged to work hard and stay focused on the assignments. The drive, ambition & sincerity Lynda teaches with, continues to encourage me as a student. I've always believed in myself. Except now, I see results happening fast and with a clear understanding of why & how.

Lynda's professionalism, experience, musicianship & her very own "tricks of the trade" are priceless! The teachings have given me another layer which I'll continue to use as I work towards the next level. As a first year student, I've already started achieving my goals. It's fun too see the results as they begin to unfold.

My most favorite goal, singing in a Registered Competing Quartet with three fabulous musicians.

Life is GOOD! On Q to be exact!

Dawn Sylvester