I love to coach!  My current fee for quartets is $75.00 per hour; you’re welcome to come to me, or I will be happy to come to you (but I’ll ask for expenses if I’m traveling).

My chorus coaching fee is $350.00 for an evening rehearsal, $700.00 for an all-day session.  Again, I’ll ask for expenses when I travel to you.

Many of the singers I work with also like PVIs (personal vocal instruction).  My fee is $60.00 per hour, or $30.00 for half an hour;  I do work with singers on a one-time basis or on a regular basis.  Some of the singers I work with band together so that we make an evening or a long day of it, and I work with many people in one location.   Recently, we’ve had folks with individual PVIs who also sing in the same quartet, so after the PVIs, we have a brief quartet coaching session, as well.

I am also happy to Skype coach, or to coach with FaceTime. Same fees apply – without the addition of travel expenses.

I’d love to work with you – contact me so we can set something up.

I love to teach, as well. I have a variety of classes available; if you’re looking for faculty for an all-day workshop, or for a weekend, please contact me. We can work out the details of fees and scheduling. Following is a class list. Feel free to ask questions about these!

  • Sing a Bettylicious Lead
  • Sing Your Part Smart
  • Barbershop Music Theory
  • Arranging I
  • Arranging II
  • Dress For Success – Choosing Competition Music
  • Let Your Dreams Take Flight – Tales and Tools to help you reach your goals
  • Planning and Running a Quartet Rehearsal
  • Planning and Running a Chorus Rehearsal
  • The Music Category — Storytelling for Everyone
  • Bring Your Bettylicious Music to Life – Energy and Embellishments in Music
  • Singing in Tune
  • Teach Your Chorus a Song in an Hour
  • Flexibility: Easing the Mind and Body into the Singing Zone
  • Discovery: Learning and Singing a New Song with Vocal Freedom
  • Precision: Singing in Tune with Ease
  • Production: Choosing Your Instrument
  • Mastery: Performing with Grace, Ease, and Passion

If there’s a class you’d like, but don’t see it on my list, please ask about it — If I have any expertise, I’ll develop it for you.