Pre-recorded learning tracks are $50.00 for a set of 13 MP3 tracks. You get a full mix track, four tracks with each part alone, four tracks with each part missing, and four tracks each with a part predominant.

Request a Song

If you’d like learning tracks for a song not yet on my list, the fee is $175.00, unless the song is a medley of more than two songs, or if the arrangement is particularly complex. Turn around time is generally four to six weeks, depending; I can let you know when to expect your tracks at the time you place your order.

To request a new set of learning tracks, please complete the “Request A Song” form on the bottom right of this page. We will have an email discussion about your song and determine what the price will be.  After that, you can come back here and pre-pay below.

Song Request
Price: $175.00