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God Bless the U.S.A. Medley

Arr. Jarmela Speta

Gospel Medley

Arr. Ed Waesche

Harmony Leads the Way

Arr. Joe Liles

Hocus Pocus Medley

Arr. Liz Garnett

How Can I Keep From Singing

Arr. Joe Liles

How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away

Arr. Tedda Lippincott

I Go to the Rock

Arr. Don Gray

Preview to come

I Got Lost in His Arms

Arr. Jo Lund

I'm a Woman

Arr. Lorraine Rochefort

If I Only Had a Brain

Arr. Paula Mauritzen

It Had To Be You

Arr. Fred King

Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love

Arr. Lynnell Diamond

Making Our Dreams Come True

Arr. Sheila Cope

Miss Otis Regrets (a la City Voices)

Arr. Marge Bailey


Arr. Joe Liles

O Canada

Arr. Joe Liles

Old Black Magic

Arr. Jim Massey

On Eagle's Wings

Arr. Nancy Bergman

One Song at a Time

Arr. Joe Liles

One Voice

Arr. Jim Arns

Orange Colored Sky

Arr. June Dale

Pages: 1 (A-F), 2 (G-O), 3 (P-T), 4 (U-Z)